Addicted to antiques

September 18, 2015

Maybe it’s because of a past life or maybe my Mum dragging me to antique fairs all around the country when I was a little girl, but whatever it was it has given me such a passion to restore and look after things from the past.

My first piece of antique furniture was bought for me by my brother Patrick long before I started in the design and furniture business; it was a large antique pine blanket box that has moved with me over the years and holds great memories for me.

I have chosen some of my favourite interesting antique pieces which I sourced for various projects to show you today, I’ve also included images of some antique pieces I would walk on hot coals to own!  Hope you enjoy!

French antique bureau -

Antique Bureau- the chalky layers of paint and exquisite detailing are what attracted me to this desk in France on one of my many antique finding missions, the leather writing panel had seen better days so we got it replaced with a light grey leather and delicate gold border. It now sits proudly in a beautiful bedroom with complimentary pastel shades.

Carved Buddha -

Carved Buddha -I fell for this happy little Buddha on my trip to China and Vietnam, his paint had disappeared over the years and left him with a raw wood and light patina.

Pair of gold wall lights -

Pair of gold wall lights – Pregnant and wheeling my nine month old daughter through Amsterdam, I still had the energy to drag my husband into an antique store where I found this pair of beauties and had to have them. I knew they would be perfect in a project I was working on. I carried them back by hand on the plane and they now reside each side of a French Regency mirror in an en-suite bathroom.

Antique storage cupboard -

Sourced in the South of France – This well worn antique storage cupboard had seen many coats of paint in its day, this gave it the most beautiful hues of blues, greys and whites. I just had to buy it and the cupboard worked perfectly in a client’s son’s bedroom to store all his toys.

Gustavian daybed -

This Gustavian daybed is so interesting to look at, the detail of the craftsmanship is incredible, the chalky two-tone paint texture I adore. Not the most practical piece as it is very delicate, I would place this in an area of a room where it would get light usage and think of it as a piece of art to be admired.

Antique chandelier -

I adore when on my travels I find an antique chandelier that is in need of TLC.  The trick is to spot the chandeliers potential especially when it is in a sad unloved condition. There are so many talented antique restorers all over the world so never be afraid to take the risk as once restored it can add such character to a room.

Charming Console

Charming Console – This table is a perfect example of being able to spot a beauty, it is perfect in this setting, and the accessories give a well-worn table the perfect touch of formality.

When buying antique pieces I usually have to make on-the-spot decisions and there is no time to get agreement from the client. Very often the antiques are in such bad condition that if I did send photos to my clients they would think I had lost the plot!! It’s a risk that I have to take as only when they are in the place you visualised can a client understand the method to your madness.

If you’re as addicted to antiques as I am, head over to my Pinterest page where I have created a group board of my favourites and not surprisingly I have named the folder ‘Addicted to Antiques’!

Now back to work for me……

Miriam (aka Minnie)



  1. says:

    My favorite is the buddha-such a beautiful piece.

  2. Ann Cosgrave says:

    EverY picture you put up, i just love? I am addicted to all things you!!. I miss your shop in Dunlaoghaire so much, and i always managed to buy something when there

    • Profile photo of minniepeters minniepeters says:

      Thank you Ann for your kind words – yes the shop was a very special place and a hectic time in my life, i love the fact that people still talk about it ! Great memories but really enjoy what i do now, glad you are following. Miriam

  3. Arlette kent says:

    Well we already know how i feel about A few of those pictures and the collections contained therein! I always wonder, what’s the story behind this piece, what has it seen? love it!

  4. Sheila Irwin says:

    Hi Minnie,

    So excited to finally sit down and read your blog. It is wonderful (as I knew it would be). this page! I love the first photo so much, i think i’ve probably pinned it several times. And the one after that, with the crusty table/desk, is to die for. I also love that blue chippy piece, it’s got such great character! Your taste is exquisite. I so wish we lived close to each other, it would be great fun to shop together.Better yet, I could visit your store!

    Anyway, I just wanted to reach out beyond instagram and say hello and tell you how lovely your blog is. Are you on bloglovin’? I was going to follow you there but I couldn’t find it.

    Take care… and see you on insta!!

    Sheila Irwin

  5. Profile photo of minniepeters minniepeters says:

    Love all your comments- antiques i cant get enough of so watch this space for more- Miriam

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